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Kale. Really???

February 26, 2012

Kale.  Yup, I said kale.  Today was a first.  I bought my first bunch of kale.  No joke.  40 years old and never bought kale before.  I can’t even say for certain that I’ve had kale before.  I’m sure I have, but I’ve never cooked it myself.  But, I decided to try to make kale chips.  I’ve heard some people talking about them recently and have been reading about them on the internet.  So, these pictures show the before and after.  I have to say, as I was tearing up and and washing the kale, I was thinking that it didn’t look like it should be eaten.  It looked like that garnish that they put on your place at the restaurant that you don’t eat.  But, I pushed on and baked it.  I was a little afraid when it started smelling like seaweed in the oven.  Uh-oh.  But, I would not be detered.  And I gotta say, it came out pretty damn good!  The only problem was that I really over-salted it, but aside from that it tasted good and had a nice crunch.  Add kale chips to the list of stuff I eat.  Huh.  Who woulda thunk it???

So, today was my rest day but I went to another MELT session at ACF.  Good stuff, that MELT.  We started with our feet today and we did some great hip stuff.  It’s amazing how different you feel when you start the session and when you are done.  You can feel yourself laying flatter on the ground and you feel more in balance.  It’s a really cool process.  The bonus was that he showed us a really good quad/hip flexor stretch that will be awesome to do after a run.

So, food today was so-so.  My zone proportions were off, I know.  Looking to really tighten things up for the work week.

Breakfast: spinach and sausage crustless quiche and fruit salad

Lunch: same (I made the quiche so I’ll be eating that for a while)

Snack: dark chocolate covered almonds

dinner: sweet potato and bacon turkey burger and kale chips

snack: dark chocolate covered almonds


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