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Happy Friday

February 24, 2012

Well, it’s Friday.  The end of another work week.  A week closer to my trip to Puerto Rico.  Have I mentioned that?  Yes, this is a joint-birthday trip I had planned with a friend before I knew I was going to the Superbowl (lucky me…I get 2 birthday trips!)  Yep.  March 5 I head off to San Juan.  The downside of this is that I have to spend all weekend cleaning my house because my pet sitter stays at my house when I’m away.  Oh well.  It’s a small price to pay.

So, I hit the 7 am WOD this morning.  It was WOW 1 of the open (which I’m not doing).  So the first part of the WOD was 7 minutes max burpees.  It was supposed to be jumping burpees, but since I struggle so much with my form on burpees, I decided just to do regular burpees.  I lost count in the 20s.  The second part of the WOD was done with partners.  It was 3 rounds, 1 minute each kettlebells (35 lbs), wall balls (10 lbs), jumping lunges, and row for calories.  Me and my partner decided that we would split up each movement  – each do 30 seconds, except the row.  We each did a full minute on the rower.  Here are my reps for each round: kettlebells: 15, 14, 14; wall balls: 15, 15, 15; jumping lunges: 20, 21, 23; row: I rowed 2 of the 3 minutes and got 14 calories on each row.  Not sure what my partner’s scores were.  All in all, not a bad WOD.

Food was decent today.  I really need to get it dialed in, though.  I’ve definitely been a little loose with my Zone proportions.  I really need to concentrate on being better from now until my trip since I know it’s going to be hard to stay on track as much while I’m away.  Seems like I’m always trying to get back on track.

Post-WOD/breakfast: protein shake, almonds, raisins

lunch: paleo meatball and tomato soup

snack: hard-boiled egg, apple, cashews

dinner: paleo pizza (this was a new recipe I tried and it was an epic fail.  My co-worker gave me the recipe and said she loves it.  I clearly did something wrong because it did not work out for me AT ALL.  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some 🙂 (Probably ate too much cheese while I was preparing the pizza, which is why food wasn’t great today.)

snack: cheese, raisins, almonds


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