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Home Stretch

I’m home!  Got back from Puerto Rico at about 12:30 AM this morning.  It was a nice trip.  Great weather: nice and sunny and warm.  We went to the beach everyday.  I love the ocean.  I really, really do.  Sigh.  Anyway, I ran twice while I was there.  The first run was awful.  It was really hot and I was not hydrated.  It was miserable.  So, I drank a lot of water the day before my next run.  It was much better.  The water was key and it was also cloudy when I ran so it was not as hot.  Food was also pretty good while on vacation.  Not perfect, but pretty good.  My friend and I did split a dessert (seeing as we were there to celebrate our 40th birthdays), but it was only one.  Flan.  It was just OK.  So, all in all, I’m happy with how I did while I was away.

I went to yoga at ACF today.  It was good.  I didn’t get it together since I got in so late to get to the WOD, but I did get to yoga.  Tomorrow I’m going to run.  Probably about 4 miles.  I have to prep for The Running of the Green, which is a 4 mile run on St. Patrick’s Day.  After tomorrow’s run, I will start back at ACF with my regular 7 am WODs on Monday.

So, we have about 3 weeks left in the challenge.  We’re in the home stretch now.  I’m looking foward to finishing strong.  I would image we are going to start seeing the benchmark workouts that we did in the beginning soon.  Actually, I know Fran was one of the workouts while I was away, but it seems like it would be early to start doing the benchmarks now.  But, I guess we’ll be seeing them in the next couple of weeks.  I’m excited to see how much I will improve on those benchmarks.  I definitely feel stronger.  We’ll see what the numbers say.

On the agenda tomorrow is some serious grocery shopping!  I have nothing in the house since I was away all week.  Gotta decide what I’m going to cook for the week and get to the store tomorrow so I can do some cooking.  I hope to keep my nutrition really dialed in for the remainder of the challenge.  Three weeks.  I can do it!!


On the Road Again…

I leave for Puerto Rico in the morning.  I’m pretty much packed, including food: lara bars, bags of nuts, jerky and raisins.  I’m going to do my best food-wise.  I plan to keep it as clean as possible, knowing that it won’t be perfect.  Also packed are my running shoes and exercise clothes.  Going to get out there and run a few times and maybe try to find the one Crossfit that is in San Juan.  Wish me luck!

So, I went to ACF yesterday and today.  Sat. was “Tabata Everything” which consisted of tabata air squats, abmat situps, pushups and pull ups (ring rows).  Then we worked on hallow rock.  God, that is hard!  Today’s wod was a tough one.  We started off with planks – 4 different planks for one minute each.  My wrist is bothering me a little so I probably shouldn’t have done the one armed plank on a sore wrist.  Oh well.  Then the main workout was 50 goblet squats (GS), 10 russian kettlebell swings (KBS), 40 GS, 20 KBS, 30 GS, 30 KBS, 20, GS, 40 KBS, 10 GS, 50 KBS.  I used a 35 lb. kettlebell.  My time was 18:34.  Then we did 100 pushups, volume training style – 10 pushups on the minute. I feel like my pushups have gotten a little stronger recently, which is good. It’s not as hard for me to keep in elbows in tight to my body.  It was a good workout.  It was harder than it seemed. 

Well, I’m keeping it short tonight because I sitll have some stuff to do to get ready for my trip.  I will try to post at least a little while I’m away but we’ll see.

Bring it, March!

Ugh!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties and I apologize. 

Let me first say that I’m so excited it’s March.  February was not my month.  Well, it was my month in some ways (hello…Super Bowl???)  But, it was not my month in terms of the challenge.  Being away and then getting sick threw me off course and I’ve struggled to get back on.  January was great.  February was not so great.  March is going to be the best month of all.  It’s starting off well.  I’ve gotten my food pretty well on track.  The problem is that I’m going away again on Monday – Puerto Rico.  I know…not a bad problem to have, right?  But, I’m determined to stay on track this time.  I’m going to keep my food as good as possible and I’m bringing my running shoes.  I may also try to hit Crossfit in San Juan, if it’s close to where I’m staying and I can work it out (we aren’t going to have a car).  I really want to see what I can do by the end of March.  I really want to acheive as many of my goals as i can.  I’ve got a new-found motivation!  Here we go!

So, here are the workouts I have done since I last blogged:

2/27 – 2 minute AMRAP of power cleans (all movements at 75#) – I got 15; front squats – I got 20; push jerks – I got 8; and burpees – I got 20

2/28 – 3-3-3-3 squaat cleans (55#, 65#, 75#, 85#); then 10 rounds of 15 deadlifts (85#) and 15 hand release pushups – time: 15:39

3/2 – WOW 2…I did 30 snatches at 45#, 30 at 55#, 5 at 65#.  Then, tabata flutter kicks.  That just sucked.

Food today:

Post-WOD: protein shake

Breakfast – crustless spinach and sausage quiche

lunch – paleo stuffed pepper

snack – hard-boiled egg, apple, cashews

dinner – I went out to My Linh (Vietnamese restaurant).  I got the grilled salmon and had them doubdle the veggies instead of giving me rice.  It was good!

snack – I had a few bites of my friend’s flourless chocolate torte.  We were there celebrating our February birthdays so I thought it was OK 🙂

Kale. Really???

Kale.  Yup, I said kale.  Today was a first.  I bought my first bunch of kale.  No joke.  40 years old and never bought kale before.  I can’t even say for certain that I’ve had kale before.  I’m sure I have, but I’ve never cooked it myself.  But, I decided to try to make kale chips.  I’ve heard some people talking about them recently and have been reading about them on the internet.  So, these pictures show the before and after.  I have to say, as I was tearing up and and washing the kale, I was thinking that it didn’t look like it should be eaten.  It looked like that garnish that they put on your place at the restaurant that you don’t eat.  But, I pushed on and baked it.  I was a little afraid when it started smelling like seaweed in the oven.  Uh-oh.  But, I would not be detered.  And I gotta say, it came out pretty damn good!  The only problem was that I really over-salted it, but aside from that it tasted good and had a nice crunch.  Add kale chips to the list of stuff I eat.  Huh.  Who woulda thunk it???

So, today was my rest day but I went to another MELT session at ACF.  Good stuff, that MELT.  We started with our feet today and we did some great hip stuff.  It’s amazing how different you feel when you start the session and when you are done.  You can feel yourself laying flatter on the ground and you feel more in balance.  It’s a really cool process.  The bonus was that he showed us a really good quad/hip flexor stretch that will be awesome to do after a run.

So, food today was so-so.  My zone proportions were off, I know.  Looking to really tighten things up for the work week.

Breakfast: spinach and sausage crustless quiche and fruit salad

Lunch: same (I made the quiche so I’ll be eating that for a while)

Snack: dark chocolate covered almonds

dinner: sweet potato and bacon turkey burger and kale chips

snack: dark chocolate covered almonds

Who Knew?

A couple of “who knew” moments today.  First came during the 7 am WOD.  I didn’t do the regular warm up as I wanted to practice double-unders.  I still haven’t strung any together.  Practice continues.  The WOD itself was Nasty Girls – 3 rounds of 50 air squats, 7 muscle ups (or 14 ring rows and 14 jumping ring dips), and 10 hang power cleans (I did 75 lbs.).  It was a good WOD.  Challenging, but not so awful.  I probably could have gone a little heavier on the cleans, but 75 was definitely challenging.  My time was 10:59.

So, the “who knew” moment came during the last part of the WOD.  Handstands.  Here’s a secret: I don’t do handstands.  They scare the hell out of me.  I’m afraid of falling on my head.  Soooo, whenever we are supposed to do them in WODs, I, well…don’t.  I avoid them.  I can do tripods and I can do wall walks (kinda), but I’ve never really tried a handstand.  So, today I came clean and asked for help.  Kim spotted me and helped me kick up into a handstand…a REAL handstand.  And, I held it.  I was really surprised.  It felt pretty strong.  Seems I was selling myself short all this time!  Actually, I think I have gotten stronger.  Either way, I’m proud…and I’m going to keep at it so I get more comfortable doing handstands.  Having been a fat kid, I didn’t do any of this stuff as a kid.  I never did cartwheels, back bends or any of that stuff.  I could do summer salts, but I don’t know that I ever even tried a handstand as a kid.  That’s where my “who knew” moment came in…40 years old and learning to do handstands.  Ha!  Who woulda thunk it??? 🙂

My second “who knew” moment was around food.  If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’ve been struggling with getting back on track.  And, weekends are much harder for me to stay on track then weekdays when I’m working.  The stucture of the work week helps.  Well, today was no exception.  As the day went on, my eating started veering off track.  I ate too many nuts.  Was snacking on almond butter.  Not good.  So, I started thinking that maybe I should just really cheat and get it out of my system.  I was thinking about getting pizza from the Fountain (which is right down the street from my house and has awesome freakin’ pizza) and ice cream.  Then, I’d eat it and stay strict for the rest of the challenge.  You know how that story goes, right?  I thought about this for a while.  I was pretty set on doing it, and then…I didn’t.  Not exactly sure why, but I didn’t.  Now, this is not a complete success story.  I still ate kinda crappy for the rest of the day, but it certainly wasn’t as bad as it would have been if I’d pigged out on pizza and ice cream!  So, I can’t say I’m as proud of this as I was of my handstands, but I’m glad I didn’t do what I was planning.

So, tomorrow is a rest day, which I’m very much looking to.  I will be going to ACF, though.  I’m taking MELT tomorrow at 1 pm.  I’m looking forward to that, too.  I hope we do some hip stuff.  But, anything will be good.  My massage therapist had surgery adnd hasn’t been working for a while now.  It’s been too long!

Happy Friday

Well, it’s Friday.  The end of another work week.  A week closer to my trip to Puerto Rico.  Have I mentioned that?  Yes, this is a joint-birthday trip I had planned with a friend before I knew I was going to the Superbowl (lucky me…I get 2 birthday trips!)  Yep.  March 5 I head off to San Juan.  The downside of this is that I have to spend all weekend cleaning my house because my pet sitter stays at my house when I’m away.  Oh well.  It’s a small price to pay.

So, I hit the 7 am WOD this morning.  It was WOW 1 of the open (which I’m not doing).  So the first part of the WOD was 7 minutes max burpees.  It was supposed to be jumping burpees, but since I struggle so much with my form on burpees, I decided just to do regular burpees.  I lost count in the 20s.  The second part of the WOD was done with partners.  It was 3 rounds, 1 minute each kettlebells (35 lbs), wall balls (10 lbs), jumping lunges, and row for calories.  Me and my partner decided that we would split up each movement  – each do 30 seconds, except the row.  We each did a full minute on the rower.  Here are my reps for each round: kettlebells: 15, 14, 14; wall balls: 15, 15, 15; jumping lunges: 20, 21, 23; row: I rowed 2 of the 3 minutes and got 14 calories on each row.  Not sure what my partner’s scores were.  All in all, not a bad WOD.

Food was decent today.  I really need to get it dialed in, though.  I’ve definitely been a little loose with my Zone proportions.  I really need to concentrate on being better from now until my trip since I know it’s going to be hard to stay on track as much while I’m away.  Seems like I’m always trying to get back on track.

Post-WOD/breakfast: protein shake, almonds, raisins

lunch: paleo meatball and tomato soup

snack: hard-boiled egg, apple, cashews

dinner: paleo pizza (this was a new recipe I tried and it was an epic fail.  My co-worker gave me the recipe and said she loves it.  I clearly did something wrong because it did not work out for me AT ALL.  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some 🙂 (Probably ate too much cheese while I was preparing the pizza, which is why food wasn’t great today.)

snack: cheese, raisins, almonds

What a Difference a Day Makes!

I think I may have used this as a title of a post before, but it is so true for me today!  Last night, I was feeling very negative and frustrated after the meeting of the 90 Day Challengers.  Well, today I woke up and it was a new day.  My alarm started going off at 5:45 (I was going to the 7 am WOD) and I got out of bed at around 6 am.  I was kinda tired and dragging, but I got myself ready, feed the cat and the dog, made sure the dog pooped, and was out of the house by around 6:35.  I went in and did the WOD and I think it was as I was in the locker room getting ready for work that I realized that I felt pretty damn good.  Not sure what shifted, except that I got some sleep, but somewhere along the way, I let go of the negativity and decided to focus on the positive.  Actually, one thing that I think helped is that I decided on a new goal that I want to accomplish before the end of the challenge during the WOD.  I decided I’m going to do what it takes to get double-unders.  I can get one, but then I stop jumping.  I’ve never gotten more than one at a time.  By the end of the challenge, I’m going to be able to string them together.  I’m not going to set a number because I don’t really know what is realistic, but I will be able to string some double-unders together!  I think setting that goal helped my attitude.  It is something that I feel I can accomplish so maybe I just needed something concrete to look toward to give me a little push.

Anyway, the WOD was “Annie” which is 50-40-30-20-10 double-unders (I did singles) and ab mat sit ups.  My time was 7:34 and there was a 12 minute time limit.  The second part of the WOD was 5-5-5-5 presses.  We partnered up and my partner and I did a warm up: 5 presses with just the bar (35 lbs.), 4 presses at 45 lbs. and 2 presses at 50 lb.  Then we got into our 4 sets of 5 presses.  We did 55 lbs.  Dean told us to go 80-85% of our max.  The sets were challenging, but doable.  I think I got some good tips on my form and got some good practice.  The last part of the WOD L-sits.  They are killer.  Oh, and one more thing on the WOD, and forgive me if it’s TMI but…every time I do more than a couple ab mat situps at a time anymore, I get a blister on my ass!  WTF???  This never used to happen to me and now it happens all the time.  Anyone else have this issue?  It’s pretty annoying…

My food was pretty good today and I took Jason’s advice and did the “freeze game” three times.  I think I did it more than three times, but I mostly did it in my head, so I’m not exactly sure how many times I actually did it.  I thought about it a lot.  I’m going to try to keep it up, especially around food (like to get in touch with if I’m really hungry or not and if I’m not and want to eat, what’s going on that could be causing that). 


Post WOD: protein shake

Breakfast: baked oatmeal

Lunch: paleo meatball and tomato basil soup

Snack: hard-boiled egg, baby carrots, cashews

Dinner: chicken piccata, roasted brussel sprouts, orange

Snack: jerky, raisins, almonds

Here’s hoping each day keeps getting better 🙂